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Fractal Art By Doug Harrington

About Amazing Seattle Fractals

Fractal Image Fractalarts.com was first created in Oct. 1999 as a way to share my fractal art, and also to share with others what I had learned about this fascinating art form. Amazing Seattle Fractals was initially started on a free server in the spring of 1999, and then grew from a few pages to almost two thousand pages! After a decade of a tired old design, I updated and condensed the content. Now I have once again updated this site to be more device friendly and added new content! I enjoy hearing from my visitors and am always open to suggestions or comments! E-mail me if you would like to see something added, or changed.

This site has had tens of thousands of visitors over the years from virtually every country in the world! I'm grateful to those who have taken the time to drop me an e-mail to comment on the site, or my art. I always enjoy and appreciate hearing from you. Although I'm not always the quickest correspondent in replying to e-mail, I do try and answer them all, just be patient with a response!

About The Webmaster

Fractal ImageI have been passionate about creating this art form since first discovering it in the late 1990's. I've been grateful to have had my art published in multiple publications, purchased by corporations, featured in a two month museum exhibit, etc. Perhaps the most unique opportunity was being asked by I.B.M to be one of 5 fractal artist worldwide to include my art in their 100th anniversary website highlighting that company's achievements, which included the discovery of fractals by Benoit Mandelbrot.

On a personal note, I migrated from Michigan to California in 1972 and lived there several years before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1976. Besides fractal art, creative interests have included jewelry smithing and music. Enjoying the opportunity of living in the beautiful Pac. N.W. I've had the opportunity to enjoy many outdoor activities including skiing, hiking/backpacking, whitewater rafting, fishing and mineral collecting. I have children (and now grandchildren!), and currently reside north of Seattle, WA.

For those who are curious, I have lived in the Puget Sound area of Western Washington since 1976, with the majority of that time spent around the Seattle area. Seattle is located on Puget Sound, in the State of Washington. Washington is located in the far Northwest corner of the U.S. on the Pacific Ocean. Seattle, dubbed the "Emerald City", has a reputation for rain, but we actually have less annual rainfall than New York, Atlanta & Boston with about 36 inches annually. Seattle rain is usually passing showers, or a gentle mist, and contributes to the lush forests and numerous lakes & rivers in this area.

Washington is an incredibly diverse geographic area with a number of different ecosystems. These include the Cascades & Olympic mountain ranges, volcanos, Puget Pound, Eastern Washington deserts, the Olympic Rain Forest & the beautiful Pacific Ocean are all examples of this beautifully diverse area. I feel fortunate & blessed to have had the opportunity to live and raise my family here. The area offers outstanding recreational activities, and I've enjoyed more than a few of them! I have posted some photos here of this beautiful area.

Aside from fractals my passions include my family of course, but equal with my love of creating fractals is a love of music, I play guitar, and also enjoyed being a silversmith creating various pieces of jewelry over the years. Well if you've read this far you've got the "Cliff Notes" version about me! I hope I've satisfied your curiosity & that you enjoy the website and my art! If you enjoy "food for thought", you may enjoy some of these quotes!