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The Fractal Art Screensaver Project

The Fractal Art Screensaver Project was designed to showcase the diversity of styles amongst many of today's fractal artists. This project brought together both new and experienced fractal artists and the result of this cooperative effort is a free screensaver for you to enjoy! This screensaver includes 49 participating artists and is free for you to download and enjoy!

To download this screensaver click HERE!

For more fractal screensavers click HERE!

Below is a list of the 49 participating artists in this project and their respective websites if applicable.

Linda Allison
Laurent Antonini
Ebe Fractales
Ronnie Baker
No Site Available
Beth Ball
Fractal Nexus
Morgen Bell
The Fractal Gallery
Panny Brawley
Panny's Digital Art
Fernando Bresslau
Galeria Fractal FHB
Paul Carlson
Mind Boggling Fractals
Paul DeCelle
Fractal Art By Paul DeCelle
Margriet de Leeuw
Fractals For Ever(one)
Francesca De Santis
Francidy Website
Ray Dix
3Ball's Fractal Images
Ralph Feltens
Dreams & Nightmares
Chaz Fricke
AcidSky Studio
Mark A. Fritz
No Site available
Maria Grist
Maria's Fractal Gallery
Doug Harrington
Deb Hasson
Deb's Computer Art
The Fractal Island
Stan Hood
Stan Hood's Albums
Maria Kjaergaard
Maria Kjaergaard
Marty Krikorian
No Site Available
Susan Lawton
No Site Available
Paul N. Lee
Fractal Pages Of  P.N.L.
Jos Leys
Fractals By Jos Leys
Bev Mann
No Site Available
Marion Lyons
Through The Fractal Window
Dave Makin
Makin' Magic Fractals
Kay Martens
No Site Available
Marvilla Fractals
Linda McCarthy
Fractal Fantasies
No Site Available
Kerry Mitchell
Kerry Mitchell
Nightingail's Gallery
Arend Nijdam
Het Arendsnest
Philip Northover
Fractal Alhambra
Tina Oloyede
Doug Owen
Jenny Pitt
No Site Available
Janet Parke
No Site Available
Barbara Rubin
Fernanda Steele
No Site Available
Karen Stott
Stotty's Fractal Site
Judy Tallman
Judy's Fractal Page
Joseph Trotsky
Faye Williams
Fractal Creations
Terry Wright
Rooms With A View
Yasuo Kamei
Yasuo Kamei

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