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Fractal Educational Resources & Information

Fractal Image No matter what your level of interest in fractals, you should be able to find what you are looking for from the many resources on this page! Everything from the question "What is a fractal", to more in-depth scientific information. If you are looking for educational information on fractals, fractal community resources & fractal groups, scientific information, online fractal generators, or more general information, you've found a great resource! More to come soon!

If you are looking for fractal software programs check out my software page where you will find both Windows & MAC fractal software programs. If you are looking for fractal tutorials be sure to check out the five step-by-step fractal tutorials I have written for Tiera-zon and XenoDream, as well as over twenty other fractal tutorials on the tutorials page. Last, but not least, be sure to check out my fractal movies page where there are currently over a dozen in-depth fractal videos which examine & explore all aspects of fractals, from science, to mathematics, to art! Enjoy!

Fractal Links & Resources

What are fractals?

Fractal ImageThis is my layman's explanation of what fractals are from both a scientific view,and from an art standpoint. This explanation includes the definition of a fractal, their unique characteristics, and examples of fractals displayed in nature.

Fractal Geometry a Yale course by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Nial Neger

Fractal ImageFractal Geometry is a great resource for information on fractals. A Yale course by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Nial Neger. Description on their site: "This is a collection of pages meant to support a first course in fractal geometry for students without especially strong mathematical preparation, or any particular interest in science. Each of the topics contains examples of fractals in the arts, humanities, or social sciences."

SuperFractals by Michael F Barnsley

Fractal ImageMichael F Barnsley is another pioneer in the world of fractals. He is a British mathematician, researcher, author, and entrepreneur who has worked on fractal compression; he holds several patents on the technology. This is his website, and definitely worth checking out.

The Mandelbrot and Julia sets Anatomy

Fractal ImageThe Mandelbrot and Julia sets Anatomy is an excellent series that covers all aspects of the mandelbrot set.

The Chaos Hypertextbook

Fractal ImageThis is an online textbook and a good resource if you have a strong interest in mathematics. From thhe site: "A book for anyone with an interest in chaos, fractals, non-linear dynamics, or mathematics in general. It's a moderately heavy piece of work, requiring a bit of mathematical knowledge..."

Introduction to the Mandelbrot Set

Fractal ImageAn explanation and examples of the Mandelbrot set.

Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Lesson

Fractal ImageCynthia Lanius' excellent lessons for elementary and middle School students

Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set

Fractal ImageThe original goal of the these article was to introduce inner city high school students to some of the beauty and excitement of contemporary mathematics.


Fractal ImageMathigon presents a good selection of examples for topics such as the calculation of fractal dimension,length, area, and volume.

An Introduction To Fractals

Fractal ImagePaul Bourke's excellent article covering many aspects of fractals, including many examples of fractal types.

sci.fractals FAQ

Fractal Image This "summary" of all things fractal has been around from about the mid 1990's, but is a great resource for general questions. Many outdated links etc., but worth checking out.

Google Earth Fractals

Fractal ImageI have been fascinated for some time by fractal patterns found throughout nature. I have seen some amazing patterns of the earth, from space, that show fractals. Paul Bourke beat me to putting something online to demonstrate this, but is very cool! He's put together a webpage that clearly shows fractal patterns from satelite imagery.

The chaotic series of fractal articles

Fractal ImageYears ago Ingvar Kullberg started posting a series of articels to the fractal newsgroups. Newsgroups were the place for fractal artists to get together, share their work, and to see other artists work in the early days of fractals! I used to be fairly active and remember Ingvar's articles. This series that he wrote is a very interesting and has lot's of information. Check it out!

Fractal Mathematics

Fractal ImageFractal Mathematics has very good information on a variety of fractal types. From their site: "Descriptions of the mathematics behind the fractal art"

Chaos and Fractals

Fractal ImageCornell's Chaos & Fractals is a short series of online articles that cover the theory of Fractalsand chaos.

An Exploration of Julia Sets

Fractal ImageThis exploration of Julia Sets is an excellent resource for better understanding Julia sets.

Mu-Ency - The Encyclopedia of the Mandelbrot Set

Fractal ImageThis is an interesting website that explores many different aspects of the Mandelbrot set.

Fractal Social Groups

Fractal ImageThere are a number of Fractal Groups, which are essentially a common meeting ground for fractal enthusiests. These are generally centered around a particular fractal program, and are a great resource if you are looking for an answer about a specific aspect of a specific program. It is also often a place to post your creations and get feedback etc.

The Fractal Forums

Fractal ImageThe Fractal Forums is a good resource for posting questions, images, etc. related to fractals.

XenoDream Forums

Fractal ImageThe XenoDream website forums are a very good resource for XD questions. Garth, the author of the program, is an active participant and is quick to answer questions. Also a good source for getting ideas, useful tips etc. From their website: A forum for technical support and discussion of XenoDream 3D IFS fractal graphics software.

Ultra Fractal Forum

Fractal ImageThis forum was intended to replace the Ultra Fractal Mailing List, making it easier for everyone to share and access information and parameter sets, ask questions, etc.

Xaos Users (Mac & PC)

Fractal ImageXaos users group is not an extremely active group, but does have posts with useful information when searching for answers about various aspects of this program.

Fractal Explorer Resource

Fractal ImageThis webpage on DevientArt's website has useful information for this program.

Online Fractal Generators


Fractal ImageFractalia is a very cool online fractal generator created by Ladi. Check it out! Note: This requires Microsoft's free Silverlight Plug-In for your web browser in order to work.

Fractal ImageThe Fractal Microscope is another very cool online generator, with many options to experiment with, including detailed instructions on how to use the generator available at this link: Fractal Microscope Help

Malin Christersson

Fractal ImageMalin Christersson has created several online fractal generators displaying different types of fractals. Definitely check it out!

Fractal Lab

Fractal ImageFractal Lab is an interactive generator that can produce 3D fractals.


Fractal ImageUsefulJS is an online fractal generator that allows you to explore both the Mandelbrot set & Julia fractals.