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Fractal ImageGrab the popcorn, candy or whatever treats you like, and enjoy these amazing fractal videos that explore the discovery, implications & beauty of fractals! The first two short demonstrations illustrate the infinite possibilities that each fractal image contains. The mandelbrot set is literally infinite, there is no end! You can zoom into the image forever! These first videos are two zooms that I made from random points within the madelbrot set, and then zooming out from those points. As the video progresses outward, notice the vast, unlimited points to zoom into. This vastness is like being at any given point within the universe, and then deciding to veer off in any given direction. The potential for direction, or exploration, is limitless! Every fractal image has incredible potential for exploration, and these demonstrations will reveal a bit of that potential for these amazing forms.

The next fractal video series I first saw on PBS years ago, and it fascinated me. This is one of the first films made about fractals, it's an excellent series called, "Fractals: The Colors of Infinity". This show is narrated by Arthur C. Clarke, and features many luminaries in the field of science & mathematics, including Benoit Mandelbrot, Michael Barnsley, Stephen Hawking etc. Be sure to check out the next page of fractal movies. I highly recomend watching the first fractal show on the next page, which is one of the best fractal programs I have seen. This program, called: "Fractals: Hunting The Hidden Dimension", aired on NOVA, another PBS program. This fascinating program is newer, and clearly explains and demonstrates how the discovery of fractals is changing our lives. It covers how fractals are used in current medical, engineering, social/cultural analysis, and other scientific fields. If you take the time to watch these fractal videos, and the ones on the next page, I am positive you will walk away amazed, and have a better understanding on what fractals really are, and their vast implications relative to nature, science & mathematics. Enjoy!

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