Fractal Videos & Movies II

Fractal ImageGrab the popcorn, candy or whatever treats you like, and enjoy these amazing fracal videos that explore the discovery, scientific implications & the beauty of fractal art!

This first series of fractal videos is a great program called "Hunting The Hidden Dimesion, which first aired on NOVA, a PBS program. This show on fractals explores not only the discovery of fractals, but more importantly the implications that fractals have on our understanding of our world & universe. This program highlights contemporary uses for fractals in modern medical fields & research, engineering, weather, scientific implications etc. Well worth watching if you want to gain a better appreciation and understanding of what fractals are.

Following that video series there are a couple of lectures by Benoit Mandelbrot, who coined the term "fractal" and is credited with discovering fractals while working at IBM.

Last in this current video series is a nice three part video by a math professor showing some visual, mathematical demonstrations of fractals. He offers a good laymans look at the mathematical aspect of fractals.

If you take the time to watch these series, and the ones on the previous page, I am positive you will walk away amazed, and have a better understanding on what fractals really are, and their vast implications relative to nature, science & mathematics. Enjoy!

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Benoit Mandelbrot 2010 Lecture
Benoit Mandelbrot Special Lecture, ICM 2006, Madrid
Sequences: Fractals 1
Sequences: Fractals 2
Sequences: Fractals 3



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