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Julia Fractal Tutorial - More Parameter Changes

Fractal ImageThe Julia fractals X & Y parameters are what controls the changes within any formula, and even slight changes can dramatically alter the resulting fractal.

Step 1

Fractal Image We will now change this parameter to a lower number to achive more symmetry. I have changed the "2" and the "7" to zeros in the Julia "Y" field. I often just change this whole field to zero, but sometimes will lower it incrementaly to achieve different results. This choice depends totally on the image and what I wish to achieve.

Step 2

Fractal ImageAs you can see from this example there is a dramatic difference in symmetry. As with any fractal, this also has potential for further exploration before any changes, but for now we will proceed to the next step. Don't forget to save each image so that you can go back and explore them later!

Step 3

Fractal ImageChanging the X variable opens up a vast potential for new fractal forms from this one formula. Experiment with this variable. Often even a one number change to the left of the decimal will result in a totally different image! As you can see here, I've changed the "1" in the "X" parameter to a "2".

Step 4

Fractal ImageThis is the result. Quite a change from one number! Again you can see that this fractal also has more potential for exploration, so don't forget to save, save, save! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you filling up all your hard drive space with fractals! Let's move on to page 4.