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Final tips

Fractal Image If you wish to print any of your images, or post them to the internet, you will need to convert the .bmp files to Jpegs. You can then convert the images to JPEG files etc. using any decent graphics program such as Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, or numerous other graphics programs.

Originally I used a free program called Irfanview, that has many nice features, to convert all the images on this website. If you would like to try it, you can find a link on my download page to download this free program, and one I highly recommend for quick changes. It's an excellent little program, and offers many nice features.

I receive many e-mails with questions not specifically addressed in my tutorials, so with that end in mind I have added a FAQ page on creating fractals, post processing, printing etc. This is a compilation of answers to questions that I have received from visitors to the website. You can find this page directly from this link: Fractal FAQ's

Now that you've completed this basic fractal tutorial be sure to check out the other tutorials I have written on the Tutorials page, including three more for this program. These tutorials include a more in-depth look at working with color, working with Julia fractals and writing formulas. If you are just starting out I would recommend the Julia tutorial next, followed by the color and formula tutorials. This will familiarize you with the program and it's interface, and give you a good basic understanding of the process. Enjoy!

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful, and that it leads to hours of enjoyment creating your own fractals! Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome. Thank you to all who have written me about the tutorials, I appreciate each one! It brings me great pleasure knowing that these tutorials have played a small part in you enjoying this incredible digital art form. Drop me a quick e-mail if you've enjoyed the tutorials, or if you have any suggestions for adding to and/or improving them. Contact information is on the contact page on this website.




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