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XenoDream Tutorial

Fractal Image This fractal tutorial is designed to help introduce you to the basics of using the fractal program Xenodream, using a step-by-step visual guide. I will walk you through the process, step by step, to help you familiarize yourself with the process of creating your own XenoDream 3D fractals. Hopefully by working though this step-by-step tutorial the learning curve will be a bit shorter for you! Enjoy!

XenoDream is a software program that creates three dimensional fractals using Holons, or building blocks. This program has a wealth of potential for creating digital art, and offers many sophisticated graphics program capabilities. If you do not yet have XenoDream you can download a trial copy of this program from their website: Xenodream

Why I wrote this tutorial.
First and foremost, I am not writing this tutorial because I somehow fancy myself as an expert at it, I am not! This is a complex program ,and while the help files and support by the author are excellent, I am a "show me" kind of guy! I know that I am not the only one that this approach works for, so hopefully this "hands on", step-by-step visual approach will be of help to some of you. I had also had requests for an XD tutorial similiar to my Tiera-zon tutorials so here it is! This tutorial was originally written for an earlier version, but the functions covered in this tutorial have not changed. You may also notice some minor differences in the images used in this tutorial, but again, these are just small interface changes not affecting functionality. I hope to update and add to this tutorial soon!

If anything is unclear, mistakes made, if you have suggestions, or you found this tutorial helpful, please drop me an e-mail and let me know!

I would also like to acknowledge a few of individuals who were inspirational in their art, as well as helpful in responding to questions from this, at the time, "newbie"! Linda McCarthy's art with this program was what originally made me want to try XenoDream, and her art had a high "wow" factor in inspiring me! She also patiently answered many of my original questions. Bryan Smith has been a tremendous help to Xenodream users as a whole, and has answered a number of questions for me personally as well. My thanks to Anne Lauge for "proofing" this tutorial and pointing out some initial errors! Finally, to Garth Thornton the author of this fine program, and for his willingness to help and his excellent program support. This is a rare commodity in the software world! Thanks Linda, Bryan, Anne & Garth!

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