XenoDream Fractal Tutorial - Final Summary
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XenoDream Tutorial

Fractal Image This completes the first part of this tutorial working with the basics of holons and metamorphs. Hopefully covering these basics in a visual format has been of some help to you in exploring the potential of this program.

I have included a zip file of 44 files to experiment with. These files are groups of three to ten holons, and offer some beginning points to try some of the techniques explained earlier in this tutorial. Also be sure to check out the starter files included with the program . There are some great parameters to play around with, and learn from. The Help files that come with the program are also very good.

I hope to continue this tutorial to cover other aspects of this program in the near future. Please let me know of any questions, or suggestions you may have, and if you found the tutorial helpful!

Click on the link below to download the zip file of xeps:

XenoDream XEP's

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