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Fractal Tutorial - Color Techniques For Fractals

Fractal ImageColor! This will "make, or break" a good fractal composition. I have found from my experience that color is the most difficult aspect of creating a fractal "keeper", and I have received many questions regarding this issue. Whether a novice, or a seasoned graphics pro, this can require a lot of time, effort, and hard work to get that "look" for a good composition. Tiera-zon can be a bit more difficult to work with in achieving a good color combination. It is arguably the "weak link" in this program, but only because it takes a bit more experimentaion and work, not for lack of features. This program offers a tremendous variety of variables to work with in this area. In fact, that variety can make it a bit more challenging!

Working to get that perfect color combination can be time consuming and frustrating at times when trying to achieve the perfect combination of color, but if you are patient and willing to put in some "work" it can produce some remarkable results.

Fractal Color Transformation

Fractal ImageBelieve it or not the two images below are exactly the same formula file!

We will work through some of the available options to transform an "ugly" into what I believe is an immense improvement! I have provided the files to get started with for this tutorial. To download the file needed to work through this transformation, click HERE, and save in your Tiera-zon directory (folder). Unzip the file into the TZ folder. Open the program, and then open the file CT-1.bmp. Let's move on to page 2.

Julia Examples:

Fractal Image Fractal Image