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Fractal Formula Tutorial - Writing unique fractal formulas

Fractal ImageOne of the most frequently asked questions I recieve on the website is about why someone new to using Tiera-zon isn't getting fractals that look like mine. There can be a number of reasons for this, but one of the primary reasons is that I use my own original formulas to create my art. In my basic Tiera-zon fractal tutorial I give a brief explanation of this process. Because of these questions I decided to elaborate with some examples in this new fractal tutorial, and hopefully this will help guide you to a deeper understanding of this process.

Fractal ImageVirtually all of the fractal art that you see on this site I have made from my own formula "conncoctions", for better or worse! ;-) The formulas I use are strictly from my own improvisation, or creative experimentation, and for me that has been to a great extent the fun of creating new fractal images. Keep in mind that the goal should not be to exactly replicate an image of mine, but to create your own unique fractals.

Fractal ImageInitially I tried to understand how these formulas were written, and even downloaded a couple of formula files I stumbled across on the web, but unfortunately they were written for Fractint (another fractal program) and wouldn't work. They used different letters etc. and as I mentioned in the beginning fractal tutorial, I am NOT a mathematician!

Each fractal program has it's own proprietary method of entering a formula, so the program can read and execute that formula. Tiera-zon does the same. Fortunately it is a simple editor that does not require any programming, or mathematical skills, to use it. Understanding only a few key elements will get you started in creating your own unique fractals.

Fractal ImageThe tips I have included in this tutorial are what I have found to work for me. These tips will get you started, and at least give you a rudimentary understanding of how to go about writing your own unique formulas within Tiera-zon. In this fractal lesson I'm going to assume that you are already familiar with the basic functions of Tiera-zon program. If you are not familiar with it then go through the basic tutorials first. NOTE: There are several versions of Tiera-zon, I use the 2.7 version for this tutorial. Let's move on to page 2.