Fractal Formula Tutorial Page 6 - How to write your own unique fractal formulas
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Writing fractal unique formulas - Conclusion

Fractal Image The steps we've taken through this tutorial should be enough to get you well on your way to creating your own fractal formulas, and more importantly, unique fractal images that are your's alone! You are now armed with virtually an infinite number of formula combinations to try, limited only by your imagination!

To sum up, experiment, don't be afraid to try all kinds of combinations. You saw how adding parameters in the initial formula changed the basic fractal form, and then, how adding trig functions changed the form again. Interchange operators, add numbers, use trig functions, combine Z & C values etc. Try modifing one function, or parameter, at a time and observe the result. You will be amazed at how one number, operator, function etc. can radically change the image! As you continue to do this, and then observe the result, you will start to gain finer control over what you create.

Another tip is to open up the Draw menu, where you will find all of the built-in formulas for Tiera-zon. Observe how the formulas are written for the various types of fractals, and then modify and experiment with those formulas.

Combine this with the other skills you have learned in the previous fractal tutorials, and you have a wealth of information to generate unique fractals, instead of simply re-creating what everyone else has done!

Substitute a minus for a plus, or a multiply for a divide, add an atan or two, mix in a few C's and Z's, and you will be on your way to creating your own fractal "recipe"! Remember, any artistic endeavor takes time to create worthwhile results. It can take hours of practice, and you may hit an occasional "brick wall" that obstucts your creativity. Music, art, writing, or any other creative endeavor, takes hours of practice and experimentation to master. Be patient, keep at it, and you will accomplish good results eventually!

I hope this fractal tutorial has been helpful, and have fun creating! ;-)




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