Adult Coloring Book of Fractal Art

Fractal art adult coloring bookI am proud to announce that I have a coloring book of my fractal art now available. This high quality, adult coloring book is produced by Pomegranate Communications.

This original fractal art is reproduced in a beautiful casebound book with a special lay-flat binding and sturdy, flexible cover.

There are 108 pages with 50 images to color on high-quality paper. Book Size: 8¾ x 11¼ in. Each of the 50 coloring pages are blank on the back so that they can be cut out and displayed.

Each art piece in this coloring book is created using my own unique, original mathematical formulas.

These black-and-white versions of my art present a special opportunity to study their form. Find the repetition and reveal the pattern as you color—it may not be what it seems at first glance. And if you need assistance, the original full color artworks are printed on the inside of this coloring book’s covers.

You can find out more information, or purchase this book direct from Pomegranate Communications.

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