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Screensaver Package

fractal art Screensaver Package I- Special purchase price of $50.00 for 5 selected Seattle Fractals Digital Art screensavers. This is almost a 30% discount from seperate purchases of these screensavers.

This package includes the following screensavers: Amazing Fractal Realms I, Amazing Fractal Worlds I, Amazing Julia Fractals I, Amazing Fractal Dimensions I and Amazing Fractal Visions I screensavers. These are the new updated Ver. 2.0 screensavers with additional images and features.

You are free to try these screensavers out before purchasing this package. Simply download and install these five screensavers from the Screensavers page. You can purchase this special offer from the Purchase Screensavers page.

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
25 mbs free hard drive space

Free Fractal Art Print!

Order any three prints and recieve a forth one free!
Order three prints in any combination of sizes, and choose a free one. Order your three prints, and then e-mail me the print number for the free print you wish to recieve.

Note: Free print will be the size of the smallest size print ordered and paid for. e.g.; if you order two 11 X 14 prints, and one 8 X 10 print, the free print will be an 8 x 10. Please note: Prints cannot be mailed to multiple addresses, only to one shipping address.

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