Fractal Screensavers | Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a screensaver?
To purchase any of the screensavers by secure online credit card, please select Purchase Screensaver from the link menu. Orders and payments are processed through PayPal, the internet's leading, secure payment processor. If you have any problems ordering please contact me at
Is my payment method safe?
Yes! Orders and payments are processed directly through PayPal, the Internet's leading, safe, secure payment processor. They are the world's leading internet online payment processor for a reason, safety and security. They offer secure payment processing and also offer multiple payment methods including, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, or your bank debit card. If you have any problems, or questions regarding ordering, please contact me at
Will my personal information be safe?
Yes! Like you, I expect my personal information to be kept confidential whenever I make a purchase. To sum up my Privacy Policy: Your information is safe. Any personal information that I receive through orders etc. will never shared, anywhere, anytime. Period.
Why haven't I received the software registration to unlock the screen saver?
If you have already purchased the software from PayPal or and have not yet received a registration key by e-mail, please contact me at and include your name, order verification number and e-mail address. ( Please allow 24 hours from time of purchase for e-mailed registration information )
How do I uninstall one of your screensavers?
To uninstall (remove) one of my screensavers from your computer, use the Windows Add/Remove Programs menu. To do this, click on the Start button, select Settings, select Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs, select the program you wish to uninstall, and then click on Add/Remove....
Will these screen savers run on a MAC computer?
The software used for these screen savers are for Windows, however on later versions of MAC you can run Windows & then run Windows programs. You can find info on how to do this at the following link on Apple's website: Using Windows on your Mac
Why didn't the registration key activate my expired screensaver?
The two most common reasons for this are, the registration key and/or User Name was mistyped; and/or 2) the wrong screensaver was selected. To successfully enter the registration key, follow these instructions. Click on Start, select Settings, select Control Panel, open the Display icon, click on the Screen Saver tab, make sure that the correct screen saver is selected, click on the Settings button, and then at the bottom of the Trial tab, type the registration key in the space provided. Type it in exactly as shown, (Please note: that all letters in the user name and registration key are case sensitive.) select the OK button. To make sure that the registration key was entered properly, click on the Settings... button again. The Trial tab should be gone. If not, type in the registration key and user name again, exactly as shown in your registration e-mail.
Why do I get an error when trying to install?
These screensavers require Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. They will not work with Windows 3.1 or Macintosh computers. If you're using one of the correct Windows Operating Systems and you still get an error while installing, the most likely reason for this is an interupted download. Please try to download and install the software again.
Will these screensavers work on Windows Vista?
These screensavers will on most computers using Vista. However, due to the nature of individual computer configurations, you may need to select the "Vista Compatibility Mode". You can find information on this at the following Microsoft web page: Vista Compatibilty Mode

If your questions were not answered in the FAQ's, please send your questions to me via e-mail at:

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