Customer Testimonials

We had the prints framed and presented at the Grand Opening of our new Australian & New Zealand Distribution Centre and they looked fantastic. The show went exactly as planned and the fractal images, combined with a light show including raybeams, spots and smoke got everyone fired up. Again, thanks we could not have made it happen without your involvement.
Regards, Trevor Rowbotham

Marketing Manager John Deere Limited, Australia & New Zealand

Dear Doug,
I've just downloaded the image from your ftp... GREAT!! We're perfectly on time for our deadline :-) Thank you so much for your assistance
All the best, Chiara

Vanity Fair Magazine Milano, Italy

Doug, I just opened the print which I ordered, and it is an eye-popper, man.

What a marvelous piece of art. It is much, much better than I expected, because the web page can only show so much, whereas the 16" by 20" is richly detailed, and superbly colored.

Many Thanks. Mark M.

Hi Doug, The print got here safe and sound and on time for Christmas. I checked it out and it looks great !!! Thank you Guy

Hi Doug: Sorry I took so long to thank you. I am really enjoying my screensaver and, thanks to your patience, support and guidance, was finally able to install it, using the URL. I am a novice at all this, but learning fast. I hope everyone in the cyber-world is as kind and patient as you. Sometimes my screensaver is the best thing on my monitor. Take care. -Carl

Dear Doug, I have successfully downloaded the screensavers and they have been activated and are working just fine. Just saying THANK YOU does not fully compensate you or adequately acknowledge the depth of your generosity. I will always be a loyal subscriber to your screensavers and I eargerly look forward when new ones will be provided. With deep gratitude, Jerry

Print looks good--great quality & color! Bill S.

Greetings to All, Just downloaded a screensaver of yours. I found it listed by AOL. The screensaver is absolutely incredible. I am astounded at the beauty of it. I look forward to seeing more works that your company produces. Keep up the great job. Stunning...really! Thank you, Julie

I really admire your fractal artwork. I've never seen anything like it. You've taken fractal art to a whole new level.
Good luck, Keith

Professional Photographer

Hello... I have just discovered your art. I think it is the most wonderful art I have seen..beyond beautiful.

Dear Webmasters, You guys are great for responding as quick as you did. You put my mind at ease that it wasn't something I'd done or overlooked and not done. Its very reassuring to know that there are guys/gals like you in the background ready to help. Thanx again. Gene

Dear Doug, Thank you for making it so easy for me to correct my errors in downloading the beautiful and whimsical Amazing Julia Fractals (vol. III). As I mentioned before, it's great to get step by step help in a manner that doesn't make the learner feel like an idiot (though she may be on occasion!). The sequence of screensaver fractals is amazing. They inspire more and more observation rather than ignoring the predictable calendar scenes or material which merely fills up space. I'm going to explore your site more and enjoy the "fractalart" experience here at home every day. Thank you for making my computer experience more like an art gallery than a bowling alley or ticker tape machine. Keep up the excellent work, Doug. Sincerely, Beth

Hi Doug - You asked me to let you know when I received the CD's. I received both and installed the new screensavers which I like very much - and, actually, they were simple (for me) to install. Thank you so much. Alisa

This Screen Saver is gorgeous! Thank you! Jean

Your work is absolutely beautiful and I was really captured by the vivid colors and movement that I see when I look at your art.

Those fractal screen savers are the loveliest pictures I've seen since I read a book of CHAOS theory years ago. - M Jennison


Thank you for your response, yours is the best screen saver I've ever seen. Again, Thank U

What an awesome collection of Fractal Art you have! Absolutely breathtaking! ;-) Liz

I just wanted to say I think your work is beautiful and brilliant. If I could, I would purchase them all! Just wanted to show my support the best I could...

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